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OK. Wow. I'm going to make a list of positives here.

1. I liked the music. It might have been a bit loud, but since I seem to say that about EVERYTHING I play, I'm starting to think it's just me.
2. The levels were fun. Really fun. And a good number were actually hard. I liked that.
3. There were no major bugs that I found. The animation and audio overlay was flawless.
4. Your gun shoots rainbows.
5. This point gets two numbers. Your gun shoots rainbows.
6. Rainbows that DO THINGS.
7. Puppies.


Con time.

The bombs were able to be used... interestingly. By that, I mean that it hardly mattered what I blew up it seemed. For example, in the Packaging Room (right after you run underneath 2 doomed puppies) there's a little conveyor for decoration. I was able to blow a hole into that room and try to get the puppies that way - meeting with a solid wall on the other side. Oops.

Unless I missed it, there was no quicktravel feature. That may be a bit much to ask for, but I really dislike having to re-solve puzzles to go across the map to places I missed. I also don't like how the minimap doesn't quite show you the way back.

Not sure if intended, but the final boss' "attack" can be effortlessly dodged if you stand as close as you can.

That's all I can think of right now. I really enjoyed it - probably wouldn't have dumped 3 hours into it if I didn't.


The message sent was clear. I wish it was this easy for me though.

The animation isn't terribly complex but that's okay. The music is appropriate, though perhaps a bit loud in some parts. The level transition is where you lost that half-star. It sounds really cheesy and contrasts with the overall theme.

Not much else to say really. A good, thought-inspiring game.


Few things.

Yes this game is Cut-The-Rope. Let's not dwell on that.

The animation decent, physics were good, the sound effects... well I didn't really hear any, because I turned it off really quickly. It's just not something I enjoy. It's kind of disappointing though that both the effects and the music are tied into one button.

There weren't a whole lot of levels, and really they only started being challenging after 7 (cannot for the life of me get a gold on 8 though). The hardest, in my opinion, was 18. Different chains do not really stand out - it's really easy to mistake it as one long one. Perhaps that's intentional.

The Send Score button is being abused. You can send the same score multiple times - even changing the name. I checked it out; my score (4454) actually would have placed 7th if there were no duplicates - 3rd, had it erased the owners previous score when updated. Instead, I'm on the third page, in 28th place.

TL:DR This game isn't designed to be the next great thing. It's simple a coffee-break indulgence that fulfills it's purpose. 3.5 Stars.

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